Are Bottle Sparklers Eco-Friendly?

Are Bottle Sparklers Eco-Friendly?

Bottle sparklers are becoming more widely used in the nightclub industry to serve their customer’s orders with more flare and pizzaz. But in the same way, they’ve also become the subject of criticism, especially by advocates of environmental consciousness.

In today’s day and age where climate change is more imminent than ever, people are becoming more conscious about sustainability. From food packaging to clothing, consumers choose products that help the environment and actively rebuke businesses that do not support sustainable business practices. 

So how eco-friendly are bottle sparklers, if at all? And do you have other alternatives that will keep your service interesting while being supportive of environmental causes? 

What are Bottle Sparklers Made From?

Bottle sparklers are primarily made of cardboard and paper. The cardboard is assembled into a small tube supported by a thin heat-resistant metal wire, usually made of steel or other metals. This is then filled with a mixture of pyrotechnic compounds like aluminum, magnesium, titanium, and iron, coupled with an oxidizing agent like potassium nitrate and potassium perchlorate. 

The tube is held together by an anchoring spike on the bottom and wrapped with decorative paper for a more aesthetic appearance. When lit, the pyrotechnic compounds and oxidizing agent trigger a chemical reaction, creating a bright spark that burns the paper and cardboard in the process. 

Are Bottle Sparklers Recyclable?

Since bottle sparklers are made of cardboard and paper, they can definitely be recycled after use. Most businesses bring them to single-sort recycling centers and leave the proper course of action to them. 

However, not all recycling centers accept bottle sparklers as is. Some municipalities have segregation rules that require you to separate paper, plastic, and metals when throwing them away. In these cases, you would have to manually dissect the bottle sparklers — the cardboard base and paper go in one bin, and the anchoring spikes and metal wire go in another. 

However, there are municipalities and regions that don’t do well on recycling. If that’s the case, the bottle sparklers only end up disposed of in landfills. While paper and cardboard are biodegradable and won’t pose a big issue, the plastic anchoring spike will remain in landfills for centuries before they decompose. 

Available Bottle Sparkler Options

We’ve all come to know of bottle sparklers as firework-like devices that burst into spectacular flames when lit. But recent developments have yielded another alternative: LED sparklers. Let’s explore both options (read more about other sparkler types to use in your club). 

Regular/Traditional Sparklers

Traditional sparklers have seen wide utilization in nightclubs, particularly for VIP bottle-presenting services. When lit, they create a dazzling and extravagant display that’s sure to catch attention. But traditional sparklers are single-use only, which means you’ll be disposing of a lot of these every night and contributing unnecessary waste. 

Without proper recycling etiquette, these can easily become an environmental concern. Regular sparklers have plastic and chemical components. The former isn’t biodegradable and the latter creates small carbon emissions when the sparkler is lit. 

All that said, it’s clear that traditional sparklers are not the most sustainable option. 

LED Sparklers

LED sparklers are very different from traditional ones in terms of material and build. Nevertheless, they create the same lavish impact and unique experience that elevates the bottle-serving experience. 

LED sparklers aren’t lit with fire. Instead, they are powered by batteries and lit with a flick of a switch. They are highly versatile, with there being options in the market that come in different colors and light patterns. 

These options are more environmentally friendly than traditional sparklers because they’re made of recyclable plastic. Inside are electrical components, like a PCB board, circuitry, and batteries that can be recycled or repurposed as well. 

In contrast to traditional sparkers that are single-use, LED sparklers are reusable — and should they not illuminate as brightly, you can easily switch out the batteries to make them good as new. 

Benefits of Choosing LED Sparklers Over Regular Ones

Nightclubs are not exempted from the impact of environmental movements, so many business owners are beginning to make the switch to LED sparklers. Aside from being environmentally friendly, they also yield a ton of advantages over traditional options. 

First off, LED sparklers are safer to use in nightclubs. They don’t need to be lit up with a lighter nor do they pose a fire risk. This is compared to traditional sparklers that can hurt a customer upon contact or fall — which is dangerous considering the sheer number of flammable items in a nightclub setting. 

LED sparklers can also help a business reduce costs, which directly influences your bottle service price. They have a long lifespan and can be used over and over again, only requiring a quick battery change every now and then. They’re also very low maintenance, which allows businesses to reduce serving staff that would otherwise be needed to light and set up a traditional sparkler. 

In line with its safety benefits, LED sparklers don’t violate any fire codes or require additional liability insurance. 

Perhaps the biggest thing that hinders business owners from fully making the switch to LED sparklers is that they don’t have the same wow factor as traditional options. But think about it — the latter is so widely used that it’s become stale. LED sparklers, on the other hand, are a fresh sight that allows you to offer a unique experience every time. 

You can switch between different lighting patterns and use sparklers of different colors. Or you have staff hold them in hand and pair the service with a new presentation routine. Because LED sparklers are versatile, you can level up your bottle service in a way that’s not possible with traditional sparklers.

Where Can I Get the Best LED Sparklers?

If you’re ready to make the switch to a safer, more unique, and environmentally friendly alternative, you can get your LED sparklers from Hypemakerz. We offer premium LED champagne bottle service sparklers equipped with high-flashing LEDs that snug onto most common champagne and liquor bottles. 

U.S.-made and boasting premium quality, our LED sparklers are perfect for elevating the nightclub experience for your guests.