Our Monthly Service Plan allows you to get any product at a fraction of the cost up front. It also serves as a full warranty replacing any damaged or broken products with a new unit free of charge. This program offers our products at an affordable price for any size budget.  

How it works - Depending on the product there's a small initial payment starting at $325.00 per product. After the initial payment, there will be a monthly service charge as low as $80.00 per month.  


WARRANTY: All of our products are back with a 100% replacement guarantee with the Monthly Service Plan. If any product breaks or gets damaged, we will replace the unit at no additional cost.

NO CONTRACTS: Cancel at any time with no penalty or fee.

ADD/REMOVE PRODUCT(S): You can add or remove any product from our Monthly Service Plan at no additional cost.

EXCHANGE PRODUCT(S): To exchange one product for another, the client will only pay for the initial payment of the product. 

CONVENIENCE: Ability to choose which day of the month you would like your monthly charge to be withdrawn, via ACH debit or credit card. You will receive a notification email before your payment is charged and a confirmation email once payment has been processed.