How to Use Bottle Sparklers Clips

How to Use Bottle Sparklers Clips

To level up the nightclub experience, bars and lounges are now serving their liquor bottles with extra sparkle. They attach bottle sparklers on the neck of the bottle and light them up before walking through the crowd and placing it on the customer’s table. To do this, there needs to be a mechanism that will hold the sparklers in place.

What are Bottle Sparkler Clips?

Bottle sparkler clips are hard plastic attachments that are clipped onto the neck of a liquor bottle. They come with holders, usually 1-3 per clip to hold sparklers and other bottle presenters and prevent them from falling. 

Types of Bottle Sparkler Clips

Bottle sparkler clips come in single, double, or triple variations. The single clip holds only one sparkler while the double and triple clips allow you to attach more sparklers for a large, dazzling display. 

Unsafe Alternatives

Before bottle sparkler clips, clubs came up with their own hacks to attach the sparklers. They use rubber bands, tape, and zip ties, or simply hold them by hand, which are all unreliable and can quickly become a recipe for disaster. 

These DIY attachment mechanisms can’t hold the weight of most sparklers and are prone to break when exposed to heat. And more often than not the attachment would break on the way through the bar to the tables. 

Clubs are responsible for maintaining a safe environment for their guests. And the use of bottle sparkler clips is a step up from DIY attachments in terms of safety. 

Benefits of Using Bottle Sparkler Safety Clips

Bottle sparkler clips allow clubs to add an extra flare to serving liquor without the hassle and safety risks posed by DIY methods. They're incredibly easy to use, only requiring you to clip them onto the bottles’ necks and insert the sparklers in the holders. 

Bottle sparkler clips hold the sparklers securely in place, reducing the risk of them falling and hurting a customer as the drink is brought to a table. But there’s an even better and safer solution to level up your bottle presenting service, which we’ll talk more about below. 

How Many Clips Do You Need?

As mentioned, different variations of bottle sparkler clips can hold one, two, or three sparklers. Most clubs invest in single clips, but if you want to level up the experience and put on a good show, the double or triple clips might be more to your liking. 

Bottle sparkler clips are usually made of durable polycarbonate or hard plastic, which means they’re reusable. Depending on the size of your bar and the volume of your orders, you often only need to invest in a couple of these clips. 

Is There an Alternative to Bottle Sparkler Clips?

While bottle sparkler clips provide an extra layer of protection for your staff and guests, there are other alternatives that you can consider, such as LED bottle service sparklers.

LED sparklers eliminate all the safety risks and provide a more convenient and professional-looking VIP solution to your bottle service. Instead of clipping them to a bottle, these snug onto the neck, allowing them to hold on more securely. And in the rare occurrence that they fall, you don’t really have to worry as LEDs won’t hurt upon contact nor pose fire risks. 

Traditional bottle sparklers have become too common in the nightclub scene — chances are, your guests have seen them offered in other establishments and are no longer impressed. But the same cannot be said for LED sparklers, giving you an opportunity to provide a unique and fresh experience that will keep your customers coming back. 

Creative Uses for LED Sparklers

LED sparklers add a touch of class and interest to boring liquor, champagne, or wine bottles. They find application in a broad range of settings, from nightclubs to other special events. Here are some ideas. 


Serving bottles by simply carrying them around and placing them on the customer’s table can be anticlimactic. Nightclubs can make the experience of receiving orders more exciting for customers with LED sparklers. They’re hard to ignore and attract attention from other tables, which in turn help you increase your bottle sales. 


Wedding guests love surprises. While incorporating sparklers into a wedding reception isn’t new, LED sparklers attached to the couple’s champagne before they make their toast is. It’s not only going to make the toast more spectacular but will give guests something exciting to witness. 

Anniversaries and Graduations

Any event is likely going to come with a bottle of champagne, wine, or liquor. That’s pretty standard and nothing to look forward to. Adding LED sparklers to the mix can make the experience more exciting and memorable.