How To Use Sparklers At Your Club

How To Use Sparklers At Your Club

Due to the high number of questions our customers have about how to use bottle sparklers, we created this page to provide a comprehensive guide to all of the necessary steps involved in using them. We’ll help you answer some of the common questions that people have about these products. 

How to Use Sparklers Safely? 

While bottle sparklers get commonly used indoors and among large groups of people, they can still be very dangerous if not handled properly. It is because they can still be very flammable. Never point a burning bottle firework at anyone. Also, while using them, ensure they are not near anything. Safety precautions should also get taken when handling bottled sparklers; always treat them like fireworks and don't let them get out of hand. 

Before lighting them, make sure that the coating doesn't get damaged. Various types of sparklers are available, such as whistling, gold, crackling and colored ones. They can also get made in multiple sizes and colors for different occasions. 

Attach Sparklers to the Bottles 

Getting the right equipment and the proper technique are reasons why attaching your Sparklers to a bottle is effortless. This method requires you to attach a safety clip to the neck of a bottle of wine, liquor, or another adult beverage. After securing the more significant portion of the safety clip to the bottle, you can slide the Sparkler into the smaller portion. It should now be secure and ready to light up once you have placed it inside the bottle. 

Light the Sparklers  

Sparklers are a simple and painless way to add some color to your Christmas or New Year's Eve. Unlike regular fireworks, you only need to light the tip of the bottle to start the process. There is a small piece of tissue paper that you want to cover the end so that you can light it with a candle or a lighter. You can also use a blowtorch or a match. 

Deliver the Bottle to the Table  

When serving sparkling wine, it is crucial to keep the bottle away from the guests while the fireworks are still burning. Placing the bottle in the air is the best way to ensure that the sparks are still circulating. Before you serve the drinks, make sure to remove the used bottle sparklers. Doing so will allow the customers to enjoy their drinks and prevent them from getting injured. It would help if you also educated your staff on using these products correctly. It will make your customers feel like they are VIPs and help make them feel like they are part of the action. 

Extinguish and Dispose of Sparklers 

After learning how to use a bottle of sparklers, throwing them in the trash is probably tempting. However, since they're no longer burning, they are not considered safe to throw away. Even though they're no longer burning, small pieces of debris can still get ignited by the bottle's cooling vapor. To ensure they get entirely extinguished, submerge them in water before throwing them in the trash. Also, keep a high-quality fire extinguisher in your car. 

Using Sparklers for Specific Events 

 You can add a sparkler to every bottle presented or decorate it with different accessories. In addition, they can get used to improving the presentation of your wedding cake. They're also a great addition to any wedding celebration, as they can get used for various types of cakes.

One of the most common reasons people use bottle sparklers is for birthday cakes. They don't get used on bottles, but they get placed on the cake. There are varying reasons why people use them, such as replacing the candles or adding a special touch to the cake. If you ask kids who have seen them, they will tell you that they dramatically impact the environment. 

Why Use Led Sparklers for Your Bottle Service? 

These standout features are made from high-quality materials and are completely reusable, which means they can get used for multiple purposes. They can also draw the attention of a crowd and increase sales quickly. Unlike regular bottle sparklers, these LED versions don't burn out as they get used in everyday settings. They're also compatible with all of our safety clips. 

Use Bottle Sparklers to Increase Bottle Sales! 

Serving a bottle with sparklers on will leave you feeling so special. It brings more customers to your premise, hoping they would experience the fun firsthand at one point. Additionally, those who have already witnessed the experience will always get back yearning for more of it, boosting sales.