Top Shelf & Premium Liquors to Add Your Bottle Service

Top Shelf & Premium Liquors to Add Your Bottle Service

Most people need to learn what kinds of liquor are out there. This article provides you with some basic facts about these different types so that you can make an informed decision when choosing alcohol. 

Distilled spirits are simply beverages that are made with added coloring or flavorings. They usually contain around 40% alcohol by volume, though they can be as high as 90%. Liquors also have water and other additives, which help maintain their consistency. There are various types of liquor, such as premium, call, and top-shelf. This article will cover the differences between these. 

What is Premium Liquor?  

The term "premium" refers to producing certain spirits, such as vodka or whiskey, that companies make with higher standards. Nowadays, the term is more often applied to products that are produced with better quality and aged for longer. Most premium liquors, such as Johnnie Walker, Smirnoff, and Smirnoff 100, are aged for at least three years. These types of liquor are commonly used in mixed drinks and cocktail recipes. 

What is Top Shelf Liquor?  

Although some establishments don't differentiate between top-shelf and super-premium drinks, top-shelf liquors, such as Grey Goose, Belvedere, and Patron, can often be considered superior. A bottle of this type of drink can cost up to $100 in a store. Although expensive top-shelf liquors are typically not used in drink mixing and bottle service is priced differently, some bars occasionally offer them to their customers at their request. 

The Difference Between Top Shelf and Premium Liquor  

Premium liquor is something that has a well-known brand name. The specific company only produces one type of spirit. On the other hand, generic brands often use a base neutral spirit, which adds color and flavors to create various types of liquor. 

Different types of liquor can be considered premium or top-shelf. Usually, the product's wholesale cost is used to determine its classification. For instance, vodka labeled as Dubra is labeled as "well" grade. On the other hand, other brands, such as Ketel One and Absolute, are labeled as "top shelf." 

Premium Liquor List for Nightclubs  


Glenfiddich's Grande Couronne is a rare blend of Scottish whisky aged in American and European oak before it's finally finished in ex-Cognac barrels. It is a great conversation starter and has a long, dynamic finish. The palate notes include baking spices, coffee, and vanilla. The presentation  and packaging of this luxurious and elegant scotch is also very impressive.

Fords Gin 

When building a great liquor collection, one of the first picks of liquor connoisseurs is Ford's Officers Reserve Navy Strength Gin, an overproof gin that was aged in a variety of American and Spanish oak barrels. This drink has a great London Dry flavor profile and is perfect for a Martini. It's a higher proof that can get used by your VIP customers after a long day at work. 

Equiano Rum 

The story of Olaudah Equiano, an African-American writer, and abolitionist, inspired Ian Burrell to create Equiano Rum, the first Afro-Caribbean rum worldwide. This award-winning blend of rum is made from 10-year-old rum from Mauritius and 8-year-old rum from Barbados. It has a complex and rich flavor profile with notes of dried fruits, bananas, and vanilla. 

Don Julio 1942® Tequila

Quality tequila has always been a favorite for the patrons at nightclubs. Tequila is not only great for sipping solo or shots but also tastes great in a variety of drinks. The key is to use a premium and brand that is aged such as iconic Don Julio 1942. You can add up further glamor to this exquisite drink with a tequila bottle presenter made specifically to fit Don Julio 1942.

Haku Vodka 

Even though vodka isn't a widely consumed spirit, it has a place in the world and can still be used successfully. You never know when your guests might be ready to have a vodka soda or cosmopolitan. Haku is made from 100% white rice and is filtered through bamboo charcoal, which gives it a deep and complex flavor. 

Presentation Matters  

You can create a variety of nightclub accessories and products, such as bottle presenters, venue logos, unique bottle sparklers and portraits of your high-roller clients. These products can elevate the club's life in special events such as birthdays or other functions celebrated in the nightclub. However, refrain from settling for imitations or knock-offs. Look for products made from shatter-proof plastic and produced in the USA. Ensure to purchase bottle service signs and other products which will endure the tests of time. Presentation matters because it can help boost the status of the club via posts on social media, which might make other clients visit the club to have a similar experience. 

Light Up Your Bottle Service! 

Offering bottle services at your nightclub is an effective way of enhancing the thrill and experience of customers. It can greatly increase the popularity of a nightclub when used effectively. When the experience is posted on social media by a couple of clients, it acts as a magnet for potential clients looking for similar services.