Bottle service tips to attract guests

Bottle service tips to attract guests

If you're looking to attract guests to your nightclub or bar, you need to start offering bottle service.

Bottle service is a great way to give guests VIP treatment and show them that you're serious about providing the best possible experience.

This blog post will look at insider tips on offering bottle service to attract guests and make your guests feel special. Keep reading for more information!

Bottle service is a popular sales technique used in bars and nightclubs to make guests feel like they're getting exclusive access (read also: how to upsell bottle service). This is by providing them with reserved seating, mixers for their drinks (including premium brands), and servers who will bring you your order whenever it's ready.

This process might seem simple enough at first glance. But keeping up-to-date with the dynamic trends ensures your customers receive high-quality services. Additionally, your competitors catering to these same interests won't be able to compete because of how far ahead your business will be when it comes down to service offers!

Let's get into how you can leverage bottle service to attract guests to your bar or nightclub!

Know Your Guests

The customers are the most important people. After all, they're spending their hard-earned money at your establishment! So, you must get to know as much as possible about them.

This means understanding what they like, what they don't like, and what they're looking for in a night out. This information is essential to cater to their needs and give them the best possible experience.

You'll be able to give them a much better experience if you know what they like. For example, if you're trying to attract business professionals, you'll want a selection of top-shelf liquor. If you're trying to attract college students, you'll want to have a variety of beers and mixers.

Even a slight shift between music styles can help you attract new customers.

There is a big difference, for example, between EDM which combines different styles and separating your music to focus heavily on one or two styles only.

Provide Personalized VIP Service

Who doesn't like VIP treatment every once in a while? This personalized experience is an excellent way to make your guests feel special and appreciated.

Service should be first-class all the way. This includes everything from how you greet your guests to how you say goodbye.

One way to do this is by offering them a complimentary drink when they arrive. Another way to do this is by giving them a tour of the VIP area and explaining all of the benefits and exclusive deals that come with it.

You can also give them exclusive access to areas of the club that are normally off-limits. This will make your customers feel like they're part of a particular group and appreciated.

They should also be attended to by servers who are knowledgeable about the menu and can make recommendations based on their preferences.

Outstanding Presentation

When it comes to bottle service, presentation is everything. Your guests should feel like they're getting the best of the best when they see your setup. 

Ensure the bottle service grabs attention. This is done by using unique bottle service signs, ice buckets, tables, and chairs. You can also use special lighting to make the area more inviting. 

The bottles should be artfully placed on the table. This is not only aesthetically pleasing but also shows your guests that you're paying attention to detail.

This means having a clean and organized area for your guests to relax. It also means having servers who are well-dressed and professional.

Your guests should feel like they're in a VIP area when they see your setup. This will give them a reason to return in the future.

Create a Bottle Service Area

How you make this area will determine if you will retain your guests or even attract more guests who envy the area. 

This bottle service space should be separate from the rest of the club so your guests feel they're getting exclusive access. This is by providing them with a private space to drink and socialize without being disturbed.

It should be a luxurious seating area with upholstery, ropes, and stanchions. Guests will feel like royalty in the private cabanas that will provide them enough privacy to relax while still being surrounded by beautiful scenery!

This area should also be well-lit, so your guests can see what they're doing. Additionally, the area should be spacious so that your guests can move around freely.

Organize Special Events

Invite pro DJs, bands, and celebrities to stamp uniqueness in your bar or nightclub. Place the bottle service area near the booth to give the guests exclusive access to the invited crew. This will give your guests a reason to come back and see what's new. 

Also, consider holding special events that are only open to VIP guests. This could be anything from a private party to a memorable performance.

Your guests feel like they're part of a special group when they're invited to these events. This will make them more likely to come back.

Offer Bottle Service Packages

You can make the night more memorable for your guests by offering bottle service packages to large groups. These include large groups like bachelor parties, bachelorette parties, and birthdays.

The guests will love the chance to indulge in all they want without having to worry about running out and enjoy being able to show off and splurge on top-notch drinks!

Offer Comps

Comps are complimentary gifts that you give to your guests. They can be anything from free drinks to VIP access.

You can use comps as a way to thank your guests for their business. You can also use them to entice new guests to your club.

This is a great way to show your guests that you appreciate their business and are willing to go the extra yard to make them happy.

It's also a great way to market and promote your club to new guests. They'll see that you're generous and know how to treat your guests well.


When it comes to bottle service, you need to make a scene! Give your guests an unforgettable experience. The personalized experience will make them want to come back again and again. The high mark-up of bottle service will also ensure a healthy profit for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Start planning your bottle service area today!