What is European Bottle Service?

What is European Bottle Service?

In Europe, a bottle service allows patrons to buy alcohol and serve it at their table. In Asia, this practice is also common. It enhances the evening's ambiance as the diners are not constantly interacting with servers. 

European vs. American Bottle Service: What's the Difference?  

American bottle service is liquor sales commonly occurring in nightclubs and lounges in North America. It involves the purchase of liquor by the bottle, which usually comes with a reserved table for the patron's party and mixers. In addition, bottle service can also include the services of a VIP host, who ensures that the patrons have enough mixers and drinks. 

European and American bottle service can often result in waiving the cover charge for the customers' party. It can also help patrons bypass the lines at the entrance. In addition, the fee is usually charged automatically, and some portion of the bill goes to the security, back of the house staff, and the porter. The cost of a premium bottle at a club or lounge is typically significantly higher than a regular bottle. It can account for a huge portion of the establishment's revenue. 

Unlike European bottle services, where the bottles are left on the table to avoid interruptions, the American bottle services include serving the drink and the server leaving with the drink until a refill is required. 

What Does Bottle Service Include?  

A bottle service experience is a type of VIP experience commonly offered at nightclubs. Through this type of experience, individuals can make reservations for certain areas inside the club. They can then use the table that they reserved for the night. While seated at the table, the drinks are served by the bottle. This experience refers to the bottle purchasing the alcohol instead of the glass. 

A bottle service is a requested feature by many high-end bars and clubs. It involves the patron purchasing a full bottle of alcohol, which usually comes with various mixers and other ingredients to enjoy. Bottle service is also available in super-exclusive clubs and bars. In addition to the alcohol, the patron receives additional perks, such as special VIP areas. These include a table inside an elevated area, and the service is additionally elevated. 

The goal of bottle service is to provide the best possible experience. Even though the customer is purchasing a bottle of alcohol, the experience and memories created using various service props and signs such as premium bottle sparklers, glorifiers, and other bottle presentation items are more important than the actual bottle itself. 

The Bottom Line 

Bottle service is a great feature of a club and has many advantages. One of these is allowing people to enter the establishment without going through the door. It is very desirable where it's hard to get in, such as hot spots. A reserved table for your group also provides a place to relax and chat after the dancing. Being treated like a VIP is very important in a club, as it can impress others and make them visit your club to have the experience.